Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre

Fortis Obesity and Diabetes Surgery Centre is one of its kind, with a special focus on evaluation, development and expansion of procedures and techniques in Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery). This state-of-the-centre is fully equipped with the best possible combination of people, process and technology to the level similar to a centre for healthcare excellence.

The centre offers a wide range of services, both medical management and surgical interventions, to every needy patient who is at the risk of health problems associated with obesity. More importantly it offers a holistic approach to obesity care with a special attention that involves multi-disciplinary integration of different specialties namely Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedic, Reproductive Medicine, Pulmonology, Nutritionist, Physiotherapy, Anaesthesia, Counselors, etc.

The centre also conducts regular “Obesity Support Group” meetings, where people suffering from obesity are able to interact and gain knowledge from experts and share their experiences with other fellow patients.

Services Offered

Obesity can be prevented in numerous ways and the best time to start the prevention is from your young age. It can be prevented by consuming a balanced diet and engaging in regular physical activities. We offer a full-fledged service including dietary management, physical activity and behavioral management in order to keep you away from Obesity.

In addition to the above, the centre›s primary focus is to provide the best possible surgical interventions to treat morbid obesity and health conditions associated with obesity. The comprehensive bariatric surgery programme helps obese patients to lose weight through either restrictive procedures or malabsorptive procedures or combination of both.