Fortis - Obesity Clinic

Being a one-of-its-kind clinic, Fortis Obesity Clinic offers a holistic approach to obesity and its management. Backed by the specialists from different specialties, it is fully equipped with the best possible combination of people, process and technology to offer a comprehensive and customized weight-loss solution to individuals suffering from Obesity and related illness.

At Fortis, we understand that the decision to lose weight and gain control of your life is a big decision. It’s therefore important that you get all the information you need, including answers to sensitive questions. So come meet our team of specialists, learn more about our comprehensive approach towards obesity management and find a weight-loss solution that works for you.

Team Involved

Fortis Advantage

  • Dedicated team of specialists with multi-disciplinary approach to treat obesity
  • Comprehensive and customized approach towards obesity management and prevention
  • Specially designed patient’s education programme to educate patients on obesity and its management
  • Stringent standard operating procedures to ensure the delivery of customized solutions for our patients